A successful publisher has HIGH expectations. Jexo understands the needs of a successful publisher and will deliver with the best paying payouts, the most accurate stats, superior account management and clockwork payments.

Working with the industry's largest advertisers, including many fortune 500 companies, Jexo gives publishers access to quality and exclusive offers that guarantee the highest returns.

Experience the offers that are raking in the cash. Jexo will do the research and deal making to bring all the best performing offer in all the hottest verticals.

Publishers can expect:

Top campaigns in every vertical - Jexo monetizes publisher's traffic with top performing offers in all verticals. Publishers get access to offers that meet every criteria.

High payouts and more - Jexo runs on the lowest margins possible putting the most revenue in publisher's pockets. The highest possible payout isn't a demand it's a given with Jexo. Publishers can choose offer that range from Fortune 500, exclusive, unsaturated, customized and more.

Unique hands on approach - Jexo gets to know publishers needs and traffic. Pubishers will receive frequent updates to the highest performing offers that will work best with their traffic and demographics.

Timely and extensive payout options - Jexo will wok with publishers to find payment plans and methods that suit the publisher. Flexibility isn't for premium publishers it's a standard.

Highly trained and dedicated team - Jexo is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with its publishers. A team of passionate, highly trained, highly educated and dedicated marketing experts will provide industry leading assistance and suppor. No question is a dumb question and no request is unreasonable with the Jexo team.

Design, programming and technical resources - Jexo will assist publishers in custom creatives, scripting, tracking, testing and more. Every effort will be given to help publishers generate the most revenue as quickly as possible.

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